Interesting Facts About Ruby Gemstone

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Do you know that Ruby is one of most frequently named precious gemstone in the Holy book of Bible? For instance, Proverbs 31 states “A virtuous wife is worth more than rubies.”

Here are some Interesting facts about Ruby:

Ruby is one of the four recognized precious stones.  The others are emerald, sapphire, and diamond.  

The world’s largest ruby is owned by a Chinese jewelry company. It weighs 8184 g (40920 Carat) and measures 5.11 x 5.43 x 5.70 inches.

Rubies are referenced four different times in the bible. The bible associates these gems with beauty and wisdom.  

According to ancient folklore, people of India believed rubies would help them be at peace with their enemies. 

Rubies are made of corundum.  Corundum comes in many other colors, but all those colors are classified as sapphires.  Pink corundum is sometimes referred to as pink sapphire and other times pink ruby depending on the hue, region, and personal opinion.  


Ruby gets its red coloring from trace amounts of chromium.  The most desirable shade of ruby is a deep red with a hint of blue which is referred to as “pigeon’s blood.”

Many top quality rubies have been mined in Myanmar (formerly Burma), which is where the term “Burmese ruby” comes from.

Due to Human Right’s violations, there are many restrictions in place banning the import of goods from Burma into the Unites States and other countries, impacting the production and sale of Burmese rubies.  

Thailand is one of the leading hubs for ruby mining and production, with other leading countries including Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and India.

Ruby comes from the Latin “rubens” meaning red.

Like emeralds, almost all rubies have some type of imperfection, which helps in identifying synthetics. Synthetic ruby can be identified by its lack of inclusions.  The inclusions in ruby are to be expected and are well tolerated.  However, when the inclusions impact the transparency or brilliance of the stone, the value dramatically decreases. 

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Most modern rubies are treated to improve their color and durability.  Treatments include heat treatment, irradiation, and fracture filling. All treatments should be disclosed to the buyer. 

Rubies of high quality that are over 10 carats can sell for much more than a diamond of similar size.  Some notable large rubies have fetched sale prices upwards of $225,000 per carat.  Comparable diamonds of similar or larger size average a sales price around $125,000 per carat.  Rubies of this magnitude are significantly more rare than larger sized diamonds, which explains the difference in price.

Ruby is the birthstone for July. It is also a traditional gift for those celebrating 15th or 40th anniversaries.

Some famous rubies include the “Rosser Reeves Star Ruby,” the “Edwardes Ruby,” and the “De Long Star Ruby”

In 2011, an 8.24 carat ruby ring belonging to Elizabeth Taylor and made by Van Cleef & Arpels sold at auction for $4.2 million, with the price per carat amounting to approximately $500,000. 

The most expensive ruby ever sold was the “Hope Ruby” which weighs 32.08 carats and sold for $6.74 million. 

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Throughout history, ruby has been and remains to be one of the most sought after gems in the world. 

Rubies have been found all over the world, including in Myanmar (formerly Burma), Africa, Australia and the USA. The majority of rubies for sale at Israel-Diamonds originate in Myanmar, Thailand and other locations in Asia.

The colors of the Ruby gem consist of three components, the hue, tone and saturation:

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