SHOCKER: I Know The Killer of Edidem Robert Obot – Thomas Thomas

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Godswill Akpabio Condoles With Edidem Obot’s family
Godswill Akpabio signing the condolence register in honour of Edidem Robert Obot.

This expository information will shock you deep inside your bone. The co-publisher of the popular; Mr. Thomas Thomas of “Global Concord” in Akwa Ibom State make this revelation.

Read below:

 It was a rainy day and the weather was cool. As I was shivering, I heard a knock on my door. As their manner is, the SSS officers that knocked did not wait for my permission.

They ‘invaded’ the room. One of them by name ‘Kufre’ told me that the State Deputy Director, Mr. Duke, wanted to see me. I followed them immediately. When I got there, he was with one Mr. George.

After the initial jokes and salutations, the Deputy Director asked me why our (news) paper did not report the killers of Okuibom Ibibio, Robert James Obot. I pointedly told him that Robert Obot was never an Okuibom.

Then I told them that we had written what we knew about the case; after-all, lack of correct information leads to speculations. They all laughed. Then they asked if I was really interested in knowing how the man died; and who were behind it; and I responded in the affirmative.

They began by asking me if I believed the man’s death was politically motivated. They said his death was as a result of a kidnap attempt by one ‘Nsikak’, “a graduate of Uyo Prisons”, according to them.

According to the SSS officers, Nsikak was “a student of Uyo Prison”, who had no lawyer until one Barr. Udo CJ George, a Church of Christ Minister, who always preached to prisoners, opted to voluntarily become Nsikak’s attorney, and got him released after several months.

So on December 2010, Mr. Udo CJ George told Nsikak to carry him in his (Nsikak’s ) car, to Robert Obot’s house, to deliver a Christmas-package to the late Traditional Ruler; because his (Udo George’s) car had broken down. So on getting there, Nsikak noticed that the late Paramount Ruler lived in affluence; especially as he saw his flamboyant Palace, etc; so he decided to embark on that kidnap mission to see what he could realize from it.

According to him, their investigations showed that three days later, Nsikak disguised himself and went back to the late Robert Obot, and pretended to be a representative of an oil company in Port Harcourt. He told the late Chief that the management of his company wanted to meet him to see how they could penetrate Nsit Ubium for an oil-business deal.
According to them, the following Sunday was fixed. Then Nsikak went and regrouped with his gang. He bought a new SIM card for the dirty job, but unfortunately for him, and his gang, the Chief had fixed a meeting with Nsit Ubium Chiefs in his Palace on that Sunday. So when Nsikak and his gang arrived, they tried to force the Chief into their car, and he resisted, so they shot him and ran away.

How did the SSS know this thing when they were not in the palace in the first place? When the incident took place, the Police were immediately informed; and in their usual manner, they arrested innocent people randomly. At the end of their so-called investigations, they could not come out with anything; so the SSS was later engaged. First they seized the late Paramount Rulers phone from the family members, and sent some men to stay with the Paramount Ruler’s PA (Personal Assistant), at the hospital where he was taken to, because of the injury he sustained during the raid. The SSS, in their usual way, interrogated the PA; and one of the questions they asked was seeking to establish who and who came to the Palace in the past week before the incident. He (the PA) listed some names he could recall; and also mentioned the oil-company ‘representative’ or ‘messenger’.

Then the SSS checked the late Paramount Ruler’s phone call-log, and discovered that there was a certain strange (un-stored) number that called him some minutes before he was killed; and that the same number had called him on Thursday prior to the incident. Thence they decided to do a forensic examination of the number and factually discovered that the SIM card was registered about four days prior to the incident. It was also discovered that the number called only four people since its registration. These four people were: the late Paramount Ruler (Robert Obot), and three other criminals.

Surely, the SSS sprang into action. They had to trace the owners of the three numbers that this ‘new line’ had been calling. About two of them were promptly arrested; and the other two ran away to as far as Niger Republic, where they were finally arrested.

Before now, the SSS had arrested the real Okuibom Ibibio III (Akwa Edidem Akpabio Udo Ukpa, and taken him to their office (to the very room I stayed when I was with them). They were acting right, because of the information at their disposal.

Then there was a chieftaincy tussle between the late Obot and Akwa Edidem Ukpa. Senator Effiong Bob was also arrested by the Police for interrogation. They did this also because of the information at their disposal, especially as there was a political disagreement between them. And of course, Barrister Udo CJ George was also arrested. But the good thing is that they were vindicated, and later released when the truth was revealed.

The Officers told me that the most annoying thing is that the-said ‘Nsikak, and his accomplices were set free by the Police, allegedly because money had exchanged hands! I was told that none of the criminals indicted any politician in the State.

Nota Bene:

The above is an adaptation (excerpt) from my book – “38 Days in Egypt”. I decided to cull it to dispel one stupid hate-campaign, published on page 10 of The Nation Newspaper of September 22, 2015, by a faceless, idiotic, politically threatened, and blood-thirsty vagabond Group which calls itself: ‘Justice and Equity Alliance’; and which made idiotic and baseless insinuations in their publication that lack the effrontery, chutzpah, and guts to mention the killers of the late Edidem Obot; but rather beat around the bush.

I am challenging them to come out with a counter-fact of the case; and stop crying ‘Wolf!’ My question is: Why did they have to come out now to start writing rubbish? The truth is that they are threatened and think going this way will salvage them.

Akwa Ibom people know the truth; and will always stand by it no matter the circumstance. They will never succumb to blackmail by paid scavengers, hawks, dogs, vultures, and hypocrites.

I strongly know that Mr. President (Buhari), whom they addressed the so-called ‘Open Letter’ under reference to, will not take those wayward writers seriously, because he knows too well that everything in their so-called ‘Open Letter’, from the name of their Organization, to their names, are pseudonyms in entirety; and that the contents of their letter are ‘well-cooked lies’ that can only be fabricated by M. Gaston Leroux. Infact, the so-called Open Letter is nothing but ‘a Complete Phantom of the Opera’.

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Why do I have to join issues with timid people and haters? I am doing this to disabuse and discountenance the minds of innocent people of the State, who were angrier than I was, when they saw the paper under reference. Some of them had to call me to express their anger with the sponsors of the ‘Hadley Chase’; and pleaded with me to “show them the light, and they would follow”; hence this piece which is written to cure the authors of the said ‘Open Letter’ of diseases called ‘Ignoramus entetae’ and ‘Intellectual Dysentery’.

[Thomas is a co-publisher of the popular “Global Concord” newspaper in Uyo, Akwa Ibom]



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