Shekau Releases New Audio, Calls Chadian President an Hypocrite

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I am Alive and in control

Nobody like Mahamat Daoud who is said to have replaced me and wants to negotiate with the Nigerian government.

Boko Haram

The leader of the dreaded Boko Haram sect, Abubakar Shekau, who was reported to have been killed in a military onslaught, has released a fresh audio recording calling President Idris Deby of Chad Republic a hypocrite and liar.

Recall that earlier this week, President Deby had said that the Boko Haram sect has been mortally decapitated by reason of the death of its leader, Shekau, and thus the final defeat of the sect won’t go beyond the end of 2015.

Deby had further claimed that Boko Haram was no longer led by the fearsome Shekau and that his successor was open to talks.

“There is someone apparently called Mahamat Daoud who is said to have replaced Abubakar Shekau and he wants to negotiate with the Nigerian government.

“For my part, I would advise not to negotiate with a terrorist,” Deby, whose country has been active member of the Multinational Joint Force against Boko Haram, said.

But, in the new audio recording by Shekau, which is coming after five months of his silence, he refuted Deby’s boast.

The  audio recording  which was posted on social media on Sunday, said in part: “It is indeed all over the global media of infidels that I am dead or that I am sick.”

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It stated further: “It should be understood that this is false. This is indeed a lie. If it were true, my voice wouldn’t have been heard, now that I am speaking.

“I have not disappeared. I am still alive and I will not die until my time appointed by Allah is up.”

Salkida accused the Chadian leader of attempting to mislead the government of President Muhammadu Buhari the same way he did Jonathan.



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