My Boss Serves Me A Query For Late Coming After We Both Spent The Night Out

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Last night was amazing at a bubbling club in Abuja with my boss. she is tall robust and in her late 20s.


I meet her at a social event where we shared contact and she help me get a job in her office. she not only help me get a job but back dated my employment letter and I resumed promoted.

All her kind gestures towards me made me develop a sense of indebtedness to her but have never been able to pay her back except that I make sure she never runs out of data on her phone.
on Thursday she I received a pm from her asking me if I had plans for Friday night. truth be told I don’t have anyplans so I told her no. she said she would pick me up later at night.

I knew she needed a companion to one of her many events and don’t want her friends to know she is a loner. so I saw it as an opportunity to give back to her about 4pm as we approach close of business on Friday , a general mail was sent that we would be coming for Saturday duties and default is equal to suspension.

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After the mail I felt we probably would not be going out anymore since there is work. she came by my office and drop her car key and told me to pick her and her friends up by 10pm. she picked a drop and left.
at exactly 10:05 I reached her estate and picked her and 2 of her friends as we head to wuse 2.
we went to have dinner and she slipped her ATM in my hand and whispered the code in my ears.

I paid like a boss and we went straight to wine bar not far away. we ordered drinks and she held on to me as if we have been dating for years. she occasionally kiss me on the cheek. I was being careful not to drink too much because am driving and I don’t drink much. so I mixed my jack Daniels with coke. thereafter we drove to a club nearby. their blood alcohol was already above the legal limit. the three of them danced like crazy I just stayed calm forming boss in the VIP section. whenever her two friends come close to me, she jumps in the middle like she was jealous. we danced till about two am when I decided its time to go. they were so drunk if not for the help of the security who helped me bring them inside the car, I drove back into the estate and her two friends came down but she was fast asleep. I carried her inside and lay her gently on the bed. she held me and whisper in my ears stay with me tonight. I knew she was drunk and not in her right mind. I tuck her in her bed
spread and kissed her good night and dropped her car key beside her to enable her get to the office in the morning.

I took a drop home and sleep off immediately. I woke up 7:30 and was running late. I quickly prepared for work but got to the office 30min late. everyone was on time except me. I logged into my mail and saw a query from my boss.
at first I felt it was a kind of cover up eye service but she copies disciplinary and regional head in the mail that unroll 10am to reply why I came late and should not be suspended .
I immediately sent her PMs but she replied none. so I replied the query saying I took my sick sister to a vigil for healing and I over slept after the vigil.
she sent another mail instantly that she recommend that I be suspended for a week without pay with immediate effect.

seriously I was confused because I can’t believe it was the same person I spent whole lastnight with.
I picked my bag and just went back home wondering if I was dreaming.



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