Incredible!!! Leicester City Fan Set To Cash In On 5,000-1 Bet

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If Leicester City Clinch the Premier League title on Sunday, this fan will see her £2 bet become £10,000

Karishma Kapoor set to win £10,000 for £2 bet at odds of 5,000-1

A Leicester City fan is keeping her fingers crossed her team can clinch the Premier League title on Sunday – so she can cash in a £10,000 winning bet.

It seemed the unlikeliest bet in football before the start of the season when Karishma Kapoor decided to put £2 on last season’s relegation strugglers to top the league this time around, at odds of 5,000-1.

But the foxes are now just three points from clinching the title, and will be crowned champions as early as Sunday if they defeat Manchester United.

Karishma told Sky News her whole family are big Leicester fans, and she thought a £1 bet for her, and another £1 for her aunty, were worth a punt. 

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“It’s been very tense and we have all been on edge waiting to see if they can do it,” said Karishma.

“My family have stayed optimistic and so have I. We just believe. Foxes believe.”

If Leicester City do get the three points they need to clinch the title, Karishma says she will go on holiday, and help her brother watch Champions League matches next season.

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Several Foxes fans have been offered the chance to cash out early by bookmakers.

Last month, a punter who had a £50 bet on Leicester to win – also at odds of 5,000/1 – decided to take home a record-breaking £72,000 offer, even though they could have been in line to collect £250,000.

Other bettors have held firm, remaining determined their team will win the league.

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Source: Sky News



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