‘I did nothing wrong – I saved his life’ – prostitute who found Lamar Odom unconscious breaks silence as she is revealed to be living in fear

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One of the two Nevada prostitutes at the center of the Lamar Odom overdose has broken her silence to tell Daily Mail Online: ‘I didn’t do anything wrong – I saved his life.’

Monica Monroe was one of the two prostitutes who discovered Odom collapsed unconscious in the bedroom of brothel She reported that she saved NBA great’s life when she found him and denies suggestions she had helped supply him with drugs. 

With the boss: Monica Monroe with brothel boss Dennis Hof
With the boss: Monica Monroe with brothel boss Dennis Hof

Also Monroe is already in witness protection because her boyfriend was murdered earlier this year and says: ‘I have a problem.’ Other prostitute, who used name Cherry Rider – is revealed as single mom Kortnie Cannon, 25, whose ex-boyfriend was also murdered. 

Monica Monroe was one of the two petite blondes picked out of a line-up by Lamar, 35, when he arrived at the Love Ranch on Saturday afternoon.

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She and the second working girl, Ryder Cherry, have fled the legal brothel in Crystal, Nevada and refused to talk about their romps with the NBA great.

The hard-partying pair expected a huge payday after being summoned to Lamar’s private suite up to six times a day.

The basketball great amassed a $79,000 bill during his four-day binge that included $35,000 on girls, the use of Hof’s personal suite and numerous T-bone steak meals.

Monroe is said to have handed her check back voluntarily and, according to multiple sources, is distraught over what happened to Lamar.

‘I haven’t got paid. First of all, the $75,000, it’s half with the house,’ she added. ‘On top of that, me and the [other] girl have to split it, so we don’t get $37,000 each.

‘I just found my man murdered not that long ago. And then my mother’s house was shot up, someone was looking for me and I’m in a witness protection program.

‘And now my hair, my new dark that I dyed – because I’m not blonde anymore – it’s out in the news. I have a problem now.’

South Carolina native Cannon, a mother of two, has also lived a troubled life and two years ago saw her former lover Anthony Wayne Walker shot dead in their home.

Walker, 27, who bred dogs for a living, was blasted in the stomach and found dead in his driveway in December 2013.

Monica Monroe

Lamar Odom1

Police initially said it was a home invasion but later revealed the murder was ‘drugs related’ and that Walker was believed to be selling marijuana, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal.

‘He was a kind person,’ a friend Anthony Scalzo, told ABC13 Action news. ‘He didn’t have guns. He didn’t have violence in his home. No one knows why someone would do that.’

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Meanwhile Lamar Odom takes his first steps but could need a kidney transplant for his failing organs as he is transferred to LA hospital – after telling estranged wife Khloe Kardashian: ‘I love you’.



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