How A Lady who is Engaged Lost Her iPhone6 and Money to a Yahoo Boy Who promised Her N800K

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It seems Facebook fraud is the new thing. Guys well polished, suave, nice talking and with great charisma are on the plug looking for girls to steal from.

Do not think these girls are desperate or love material things but the quest for comfort and stability drives them wrong .

I have been begging girls to look before they leap and some are learning.

A lady was duped by a yahoo guy she met on Facebook. They have been chatting for a long time and decided to meet in a Hotel in Surulere, Lagos. She is already engaged about to be married and went to meet a guy behind her partner but please do not judge her, mistakes happens sometimes.



She was promised N800k to invest in her from the said yahoo guy, but later got shock of her life when the guy lock her inside the bathroom when she went to take her bath,  ordered her food and drinks and later left with her bag, which was full of some money, ATM card, and her iPhone6.

She is looking to see if anyone knows the guy. According to source, she refuse it being publish initially, then later asked for it to be published. And to protect her identity in a professional way.

This is another warning to ladies, beware of guys you meet online. Thank God she wasn’t killed for rituals or otherwise. 


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Yahoo boys8

Yahoo boys9

Source: King Tino



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