How 104 Christians Allegedly Convert to Islam in Delta (Photos)

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A total number of 104 Christians have allegedly converted to Islam in Delta state. According to Saleem Abdulqadir who shared the information with pictures on Twitter , the switch in religion happened June 15.

See the tweet below:

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Well, the Nigerian twitter reacted below: @Black_Jejus amin,we’ll probably say the same things or worse if its the other way around, say 104 muslims in yobe converted to christianity — Brother Maleekh (@Em_nice) June 16, 2016

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@Black_Jejus @Fatymahhh God have mercy on their Pathetic souls — Son of Man (@AkangUDaniel) June 16, 2016




@AkangUDaniel @Black_Jejus @Fatymahhh you actually believe it happened? Anyone can post photos with caption na — Stephen King (@steveamaza) June 17, 2016

@Black_Jejus @Itz_mukee lier it is neva possible no one in his rite senses will join killers like you people. — preciousICT (@preciousict) June 16, 2016

@Black_Jejus If a Christians post this story now, I’m sure sword and dagger would’ve been drawn since its posting. Evil people — Nwaigbo. (@JozefhammJoseph) June 16, 2016

@Black_Jejus I hope when Muslims convert to other religions,u people won’t seek their heads oh… — Nigeria’sVoltron (@alonzomoni) June 17, 2016



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