‘Help A Dying Soul’: After Dating For 3yrs Without S3x, My Girl Friend Is Getting Married To Someone Else.

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I so much loved her with all my heart.

I spent 75% of my NYSC allowance on her in addition with my personal savings.

crying_man_jpg_scaled_500A young man you spent 3 years dating virgin is crying and asking for advice as the said virgin is getting married to another guy.

According to him, the relationship went smoothly with love, affection care, spreading like wild fire, while in NYSC, until they finished the service and then; the unknown thing happen.

This is his story.

I met this beautiful damsel while serving( NYSC) in Imo State in 2013. She accepted to date me on one condition (NO SEX before marriage). I gladly accepted. Our love was a major gist in town because she is a beauty queen.

I so much loved her with all my heart. She was a virgin and I so much respected her for that. I spent 75% of my allowee on her in addition with my personal savings.

On several ocassions, she lost control of herself during romance but as a gentleman, I kept my promise by not harvesting the forbidden fruit. Her love for me grew stronger because of my self control. After NYSC, I relocated to Lagos in search of greener pasture. Things got tougher because jobs were extremely scarce. Still,I struggled to send her some money through her father’s first bank account (she was 18yrs then).

Once in a month, I travelled from Lagos to Owerri just to see her….Our love was so strong..But since inception of this year, things got pretty bad that I could not meet up with my routine travels to see her.

After 3yrs, I got a job few days ago in an oil company and I was so enthusiastic to relay the good news to her. But to my greatest shock ever; she sent me an apology sms that she will be getting married next week. I was preparing for Sunday service but the news automatically made me fell asleep. I just woke up and feeling abnormal.

She is calling but I can’t imagine myself taking the calls. Pls I need your pool of unalloyed advice.

Pls save a soul today and God will bless you. Thanks

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