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Before you go running off to what you think are greener pastures, make sure that your own is not just as green or perhaps even greener. 

Acres of Diamond

The Acres of Diamonds story ”a true one” is told of an African farmer who heard tales about other farmers who had made millions by discovering diamond mines. These tales so excited the farmer that he could hardly wait to sell his farm and go prospecting for diamonds himself. He sold the farm and spent the rest of his life wandering the African continent searching unsuccessfully for the gleaming gems that brought such high prices on the markets of the world. Finally, worn out and in a fit of despondency, he threw himself into a river and drowned.

Meanwhile, the man who had bought his farm happened to be crossing the small stream on the property one day, when suddenly there was a bright flash of blue and red light from the stream bottom. He bent down and picked up a stone. It was a good-sized stone, and admiring it, he brought it home and put it on his fireplace mantel as an interesting curiosity.

Several weeks later a visitor picked up the stone, looked closely at it, hefted it in his hand, and nearly fainted. He asked the farmer if he knew what he’d found. When the farmer said, no, that he thought it was a piece of crystal, the visitor told him he had found one of the largest diamonds ever discovered. The farmer had trouble believing that. He told the man that his creek was full of such stones, not all as large as the one on the mantel, but sprinkled generously throughout the creek bottom.

The farm the first farmer had sold, so that he might find a diamond mine, turned out to be one of the most productive diamond mines on the entire African continent.The first farmer had owned, free and clear … acres of diamonds.

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But he had sold them for practically nothing, in order to look for them elsewhere. The moral is clear: If the first farmer had only taken the time to study and prepare himself to learn what diamonds looked like in their rough state, and to thoroughly explore the property he had before looking elsewhere, all of his wildest dreams would have come true.

The thing about this story that has so profoundly affected millions of people is the idea that each of us is, at this very moment, standing in the middle of our own acres of diamonds. If we had only had the wisdom and patience to intelligently and effectively explore the work in which we’re now engaged, to explore ourselves, we would most likely find the riches we seek, whether they be financial or intangible or both.

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Before you go running off to what you think are greener pastures, make sure that your own is not just as green or perhaps even greener.

It has been said that if the other guy’s pasture appears to be greener than ours, it’s quite possible that it’s getting better care.Besides, while you’re looking at other pastures, other people are looking at yours.


To prospect your own acres of diamonds and unearth the opportunities that exist in your life right now, regularly challenge yourself with some key questions:

  1. How good am I at what I’m presently doing?
  2. Can I call myself a first-class professional at my work?
  3. How would my work stand up against the work of others in my field?
  4. Do I know all I can about my industry or profession?
  5. How can the customer be given a better break?
  6. How can I increase my service?
  7. There are rare and very marketable diamonds lurking all around me. Have I been looking for them? Have I examined every facet of my work and of the industry or profession in which it has its life?
  8. There are better ways to do what I’m presently doing. What are they?
  9. How will my work be performed 20 years from now?
  10. Everything in the world is in a state of evolution and improvement. How can I do now what will eventually be done anyway?

A simple story, yet within is one of the most inspirational messages on achievement – that everything one needs for success is probably right in their vicinity, and all one has to do is to recognise it. Someone once stated that people learn more through a story than from a lecture or cold hard information – here is proof of the validity of that statement.

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