Aftermath Of DSS Invasion Of A’Ibom Gov’t House: UBA Manager Of AKSG Account Under Akpabio In DSS Net

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Over N700m discovered in her private account

Her role in the financial rape under Akpabio’s administration

Her involvement with power brokers of the previous administration

How she delayed release of public funds; used same for private investments.

Investigation reveals she is worth over N2b

As source claims DSS invasion was masterminded by Gov Udom

DSS Invasion Of A'Ibom Gov't House



Ubong Sampson 

From recent reports on our newsdesk, it has been confirmed that one Emem Etuk (female), a staff of United Bank for Africa, UBA has been arrested by security operatives confirmed to be official of State Security Service, SSS for allegedly aiding fraudulent acts of former Akwa Ibom State Governor along with a few close associates of his while his administration in the state lasted.

A source very reliable disclosed this to Global Concord in confidence, saying that the said Etuk who was assigned to manage the state account under the Akpabio administration in UBA where she is currently staffing was picked up few days ago in Uyo by the SSS men and taken out of the state to answer questions bothering on the allegation.

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The source who pleaded anonymity for obvious reasons also hinted that in the course of investigation, about N700m was discovered in a private account belonging to Etuk which she was unable to account properly for, even as at the time of filing this report.

Also, the source hinted that other properties, as well as investments valued above N1b have further been discovered and traced to Etuk, though she however denied ownership of them.

The allegations against her, according to our source, include aiding illegal and unlawful withdrawal of funds from the state’s treasury without following required due process. This, the source said, is aside the several occasions where she aided the approval of bank loans involving huge sums of money without which were plots secretly carried out by ex governor Akpabio without the consent of relevant authorities as required by the law.

When contacted, a staff of UBA (name withheld) in one of the Uyo branches could denied having knowledge of Etuk’s arrest, though she said she was not surprised should the allegations on her be true, since according to her, she has been known to be very rich, and even far richer than a banker of her status who has barely spent seven years in the banking hall.

Another staff of the bank serving in a different branch also admitted knowing her, claiming he once worked with her in the same branch before her subsequent transfer to Abuja.

This source who also pleaded his identity concealed had this to say: “apart from the recently recruited staff, I think there is hardly any staff of UBA in the whole of Akwa Ibom who doesn’t know Emy. She is very popular and known to be a high performer. The high performance is not in the sense of hard work as in her official engagements o; it is based on her high connections to big men in government and even outside government. Especially in the regime that just finished, Emy could walk into any commissioner’s office and even the government house at will without any protocol. That was her well known high performance. I also heard she had sexual affairs with most of those men, but please, make sure you keep my names out of your news, you know I wouldn’t say this if it were to be to some other person”.

The source further hinted that most of the delays in release of funds approved for public interest like salary payment and gratuity for retirees were caused by the under-fire banker.

In his words: “I think she was really into a serious deal with the power brokers of the last administration because she had such confidence as to using funds allocated for public use for her private investments which gave her lots of profits, considering the huge sums involved. But what people, especially we her colleagues could not understand was how she lacked the conscience to be delaying people’s money just for some selfish reasons”.

Meanwhile, further investigation by Global Concord has revealed that Etuk’s arrest was following the recent invasion of the presidential lodge of Akwa Ibom Government House by a special team of SSS men sent from the national which saw to the discovery of ammunitions and heaps of American Dollar notes.

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While the invasion has seen condemnation by several individuals and groups, Global Concord has gathered from a very reliable source, with several others confirming that it was Governor Udom who gave the hint of the discovered arms and cash which has been confirmed to have been stored there by his predecessor, Godswill Akpabio. This has been attributed to why he (Akpabio) refused to quit the state’s government house completely after his tenure, but rather moved to occupy the presidential lodge.

Asked why Governor Udom would choose to betray his predecessor and benefactor when it is widely believed he was imposed on the state by the same benefactor of his to protect his interest in all aspects, as well as seal loop holes that may expose his financial irregularities, our source had this to say:
“Udom has only been pretending all is well, when actually, he is not happy with what he has come to discover about the indiscriminate manner his predecessor managed the state’s finances. And to worsen it all, Akpabio refused to allow him the freedom to run the political affairs of the state his own way. I believe Udom is only trying to break out of the shackles of Akpabio and his dynasty by exposing him to danger so he can rip his administration off everything he inherited from the previous administration, especially the ones he is not comfortable with.



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