After Claiming to be his Girlfriend, Read what Jessica Said About Usman Shagari

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After being accused of lying about being in a relationship with Shehu Shagari’s grandson, lady explains her own side of the story.

Usman Shagari

Usman Shagari had earlier called out the lady identified as @Jesica_Cole on Instagram, accusing her of going around claiming they are in a romantic relationship.

The lady who earlier tried to deny the accusation in the same post Usman shared, has now come out to share her own side of the story. 

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Taking to her Instagram page, she shared the following post with the screenshot below as proof:

“Soooo I’ve been asked by a lot of people why I’ve been so quiet about this whole thing going on. Well, that’s because I don’t like drama, but right now it appears that everyone on the internet thinks I’m something that I’m not. First and foremost, I do not know who the shagari person is, never in my life heard, seen nor talked about him before. I don’t have a friend called Sarah and I do not reside in Lagos. If really I “claim” to be his girlfriend, wouldn’t I post pictures of him on social media and shit? If you know me well, you’ll know that I’m single, and I don’t go about claiming to date people I’m not dating. That’s dumb as fuck.

Don’t believe everything you see on the internet. People are sick. @iamshagari_ you must really think you’re Kanye or something to put some shit like that out there talking about “claiming you” you best address this whole situation and let everyone know it was just a misunderstanding. If you have issues with your girl Sarah or whatever go sort it out and don’t get me involved in your bullshit. I give you 24 hours if you don’t, you’re not gonna like my next move. This is not a treat it’s a promise. Don’t play with me.”

Usman then used his second Instagram handle @iamshagarifitness to respond to her post seeing as she had already blocked him from being able to visit her page with his main handle. Here’s what he wrote below:

“Since this issue keeps coming up I will tell you where all my info came from, @badgyalkelly who you follow told me that a certain Jessica and her friend Sarah came to her and told her that she should ‘back off from her man’ who is supposedly me, they now went on to say everything I said in my previous post. I pleaded with her to give me Jessica’s or Sarah’s details but she was reluctant because ya’ll are friends, eventually she gave me the number which is +234 813 867 0646 and I called and the girl who picked up was Jessica. Do you guys follow?

After speaking to you and pleading with you to give me Sarah’s number you said you would give me her handle instead, which when I searched didn’t come up. So the person who I was speaking to on the phone said she would speak to chichi and get me Sarah’s number which never happened. I called Kelly again, she now gave me your handle so I can go through your followers to find the Sarah’s Instagram since you are the mutual friend. What ever game you guys are planning is simply not on. Kelly is your friend, call her and question her if you claim to be innocent.”

Jessica responded by saying:

“@iamshagarifitness yo, Kelly isn’t my friend, we just follow each other on here. We are not that cool, I have never texted her, called her to back off my man. I don’t even know her personally. Get your facts right. Stop jumping into conclusion. Least you could do is ask her who the real ‘Jessica’ person is. Stop assuming.”

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