A MUST READ: An Open Letter To The President, Student Union Government, AKS University 

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Dear Mr. President,

Calvary Greetings in Jesus Name, Amen
It is with a deep sense of humility that I write to convey to you my sincere feelings about the state of affairs of the union, in our university, Akwa Ibom State University. I write this letter as an ardent supporter who devoted my time; risked my safety; staked my integrity and passionately defended your candidacy during the 2016 Student Union election.

This we did in boldness against the strong campaign of calumny mounted by those who never wanted you to be the President of the Student Union of (TAHILA REPUBLIC) Akwa Ibom State University.

Akwa Ibom State University

Permit me to take you back memory lane, that during the electioneering, many students went round to campaign and propagated the message of change and solicited the support and votes of the Nigerian students in AKSU for their candidates. These students bond themselves with a solemn undertaking that our precarious situation will be salvage.

Yes, you know as we also do, that you never took to any of these acts either did you campaign for the position you currently hold as the president. I stand to be corrected if you had campaign in Main Campus, yet it will still give a clue as to reason your focus of governance and appointment is over there, upon your assumption of office.

I was persuaded by your inaugural speech to write the article: “KUFRE EMERGENCE: A TESTAMENT OF GRACE”. The article was an insight of what we expected of you. It raised the hopes of our students on campus that yes Change has truly come to AKSU unionism. That night, I slept like a little baby because I felt that a responsible, incorruptible and courageous leader had emerged in AKSU Unionism, in my lifetime to lead our union out of the precipice. Not until, My dear President, three months after your historic assumption of office, it has become increasingly tedious to defend the government we celebrated, the government we assumed to have been the NEW DAWN IN OUR UNION.

The hitherto much taunted “body language of yourself, Mr. President and other executive members” seems to have evaporated. we see your executive members in public functions trying to arrange for food for students, some of them in football betting shops, some of them extorting money from their fellow students in the name of making them relevant in the (political) system. It, also, has been sensed a divisions among your executives who complaint here and there. What’s more, our student union secretariat have been turn to phone charging boots/photocopying centre, we seldom see our executives around secretariats especially the secretary who supposed to the chief custodian of the secretariats TAHILA REPUBLIC, excepts for few ‘secretariats boys’ who hardly reach their executives on phone lines, some of the executive have handed over their official phones to their girlfriends that even when you call it is another story. Of concern, there are no keys to lock the secretariats at nights.

The crux of the matter is that responsibility is the hallmark of leadership. What was the change gospel about if things were to remain the same? Yes, you have an academic year of ten months mandate. But three months is enough time to resolve certain pressing and critical issues on campus and set a very precise and clear direction for the union. There are problems that only require a firm presidential directive to solve which has been neglected by you.

If there is one problem that we expected the government to address with vigor, it is the issue of food. Let me bring to your notice, Mr. President, just in case you are oblivious of the fact, the cost of food has now increase from N200 to between N250 to N300 with N100 as extra in Obio Akpa, may I report to you that prior to the pronouncement of your administration, we were buying food at the rate of N200 with N50 extra. We had expected you to delegate your director of welfare to set up a special committee recognized by the union constitution to negotiate with the Management of the University to consider the current economic crisis rocking the country, and reduce the price of shops on campus, as well as negotiate with food sellers on campus to agree and settle at a minimal price that is affordable to students and inspect the quality and quantity their food. But, they (director of welfare and his team) parade themselves imposing taxes on the students.

If I may ask, Mr. President, where is the school bus that was donated by the university management to the student union? It is very appalling that the bus donated by the university management to the student union today is no way to be found. This has pushed our executives now to hire commercial bus to attend ‘Aluta’ meeting outside the shores of the university, many of them including students who attend functions of their colleagues pass through difficulties when applying for the school bus, many resorts to hiring commercial vehicles which most times they are being harassed by heavy security checks on major roads. I ask again, Mr. President, can you please openly tell us the students, where is our school 18 seater NISSAN HAICE bus? Director of Transport, Where is the Union Bus?

Another pressing issue begging responsibility in our union is the case of finance. A source close to your administration made it known to me that the money you disbursed shortly after the plenary is the union money transferred into your personal account. Tell me, Mr. President, how ideal is the idea of keeping the money of a republic as large as TAHILAH in a personal account and disbursing with or without the consent of the treasurer (who by virtue of chance is from Obio Akpa campus)?

Respectfully Sir, you seem to operate under the illusion that you want to bring sanity into the system, but you have towed the line of partisan politics. In the name of compensations, you have allowed very bad people to assume underserved leadership positions through undemocratic means. Your seeming nonchalant attitude has emboldened predators to infiltrate and compromise critical organs of your government at the peril of justice, and development.
Experience they say is the best teacher. Mr President Sir, even if you were to fail in every other aspect of governance, it should certainly not be in the upholding of the sanctity of the electoral process and sharing of appointment respecting the federal character principles enshrine in section 72 of the student union solidarity Constitution. After the erroneous one-campus appointment, you also had a historic responsibility to have championed a revolutionary change in the Legislature. Of course, you did not impress us. It is not defensible for you to sit back and say that you “will not interfere” when you have not effected a system or mechanism that stops other people from interfering with the legislative process.

Nobody is asking you to help rig elections or influence Legislative proceedings. All we are saying is that nobody would be able to do what the president himself has refused to do. Leaving Obio Akpa campus empty? Without a principal officer of the union not even a Speaker of the house? None of our students among your aides? And you expect us to support your government till the end, remember next semester you are transiting, we are still hoping.
Sir, please take this to mind, without the support of the Democrats, President Obama would not have recorded his achievements in the United States of America in the last seven years of his presidency. The Republicans rarely give him a chance. David Cameron of Britain has succeeded because he has the support of the Conservative Party both in parliament and in the country. This explains why both leaders are very interested in the affairs of their parties. Obama is currently backing Hillary Clinton for the White House because he knows that if the Republicans win the November 8, 2016 presidential election, many of his landmark reforms like the Obama-Care will be truncated. Hence, you cannot stand down Obio Akpa campus in your administration and expect to have full success at the end of the day.

Imagine, since you came into power we are witnessing regret and complaints. The worse is that the people you are representing in Obio Akpa campus don’t even know you in person as the President of the students union of the University. Hmm, leaders of today! As you are making plans for next semester let me advice you to include to your plans a congress in Obio Akpa campus, meeting with Faculty Presidents, Departmental presidents and others heads Ethnics, L.G.As and registered group on campus.
On a final note, permit me to say that the faith of Nigerian students in TAHILAH republic in your administration is eroding at a worrisome level. This is the hard fact your aides in the information and security units/department, your Director of information and other image managers of your administration may not tell you. You may need to curtail the YES SIR slogan and create avenue for students to lay complaints, I believe that will make you to fully appreciate the true situation of things on our campuses.

If I had any other means of communicating with you conveniently, I would have graciously explored it. Accept my sincere apologies if you are discomfort by my resort to public engagement through this open letter. It is but a fair comment.

I sincerely want you to succeed and may you succeed. May God give you the insight and the courage to do what is right for our Republic.

Thank you.
Your loyal subject,
Adede Ekemini Ukoudo



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