14 Days After Popular Prophet Said El-Rufai Will Die, Read What Has Happened To The Governor

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On March 20, 2016, popular Port-Harcourt based prophet, Dr Chris Okafor gave Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna state, a 14-day ultimatum to reverse the proposed religious bill or face the wrath of God.

At the time, the words of the prophet brewed fears in the hearts of many Nigerians who were thinking something terrible would happen to the governor following his steadfastness to the implementation of the proposed bill in the state.

chris okafor

“It will not happen in my time…it will not happen in your time…it will not be on record that it happened in my time…No! It will not happen!” the cleric declared to a thunderous applause from the congregation.

“El Rufai take time! God is angry with you! You have 14 days to reverse that law or the wrath of God will come against you! You should count it, 14 days from today (March 20, 2016), he has 14 days to reverse and invalidate that law… if he refuses to do so, he should expect the wrath of God to visit him!”

He also told journalists after the meeting that, “I prayed very well, and the Lord told me to go ahead and warn El Rufai. And I want you all to count 14 days from the day of the prophecy (March 20, 2016). If he does not retrace his steps and abandon that bill, God will take steps to honor His words. 14 days! Please count it.”

Apart from prophet Okafor, Apostle Johnson Suleman also dealt the governor a blow below the belt, stating categorically that he (El-Rufai) will die if he refuses to reverse the anti-religious bill in Kaduna state.

The difference between the pair was that while Dr Okafor gave an ultimatum, prophet Suleman was quite diplomatic, choosing to wait until the proposed bill is passed.

And during a recent interview, the charismatic governor dared the prophet who said he would die to mention the date that the incident would happen, but none of them was forthcomning.

Apostle-Johnson Suleman

Fourteen days have passed since Dr Okafor’s prophecy yet, nothing of note has happened to the Kaduna state governor.

To confirm this, the governor still posted an article on his official Facebook page about seven hours before this article was published.

Nigerians who supported the governor’s acts will believe the governor has been vindicated, however, those who supported the prophet may now have themselves to blame. But, will something terrible still happen to the governor?

Or did the prophet not hear clearly from God before he spoke with journalists?



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