10 Reasons Why Nigerian Girls Suck At Relationships

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Read the real reasons why Nigerian girls suck at relationships. How friendship became a tool of the powerful. Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between two or more people. 

1) Nigerian women rank bottom last in the global desirability index!

2) They are the most unnatural in looks and physical appearance. Common, the hair isn’t hers, neither are the nails or lashes. She spends half her time and 40% of her partners’ resources in bleaching creams and personal accessories trying to be like a Caucasian woman.

3) She’s_fucking expensive and naggy. She has to do her hair twice monthly, fixed her nails and toenails. She relishes eating out than preparing home-made meals.

Beautiful lady

4) She’s less romantic and more dependent than her counterpart from other climes.

The typical Nigerian woman doesnt really know how to please a man in bed. She spends her entire time shopping for clothes she’ll soon grow out of, because she eats more junk food in hangouts than she has the time to excercise away.

She is so impassive in bed like a drunken sponger, she actually gives you sex as an act of obligation. While her counterparts wants to take you balls deep.

5) When she marries you, she expects you to father her entire family along. A typical Nigerian girl won’t see anything wrong in bringing 4 of her siblings to come live with you, but if you have just one of your sibling around, she will whine and scold and frustrate the life of your sibling.

6)An average nigerian girl loses her charms few years after she settles in the security of marriage. She doubles her sleep time and her weight balloons up , tommy sags, laps wrinkle and she floats around the house either with wrapper around her waist or an oversized, shapeless nightgown.

7) The average Nigerian university girl is a feminist-wana-be. And she doesnt even have the brain to grasp the concept of the word!!!

8} Let’s be blunt, the hair of the average naija babe stink of stale sweat and dead cells!!! They don’t even bother washing it. They cover it up with polythene when they bathe and it’s almost air tight. That’s why they wear perfumes and deodorants like corpse.

9) Only Nigerian babes ask for credit cards with which to call you. Where’s the fun when you call me with my own money ?

10) Nigerian girls can never love your mother, yet they’ll want you to mollycoddle their own mothers and be the Tarzan of their family.

These girls are not dependable and they have a knack for thinking they are the best thing to happen to mankind.

Can’t even take them swimming, they need to go find what to cover their silly hair with. If the hair isn’t wet and dripping , soaked to her skin like her swimming suit where the hell is the fun?

Credit: lezz (nairaland)



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